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Welcome to The Booker School. The Booker School was started by a group of dedicated families who wanted a different option for education in the area. In 2012, it began to establish its place within the community, connecting with organisations and individuals that hold a similar ethos. It is situated in the beautiful village of Port Williams, in a Georgian-style building on nearly 5 acres of diverse land. Our slice of the Annapolis Valley offers a wonderful outdoor education for our students to complement what is happening within our walls.


The Booker School is inspired by, and working towards becoming accredited by, the International Baccalaureate. Our school firmly believes in inquiry as the vehicle for learning through a concept-driven curriculum that embraces individual learners and real world issues. At our school, we believe that this curriculum and style of learning can be embraced by all and offers a chance to the local community to democratise education. With this aim, our teachers and leadership are experienced and trained in the IBO program so that we can facilitate this as we progress towards accreditation.

'What an amazing little school. The children who attend Booker are amongst the luckiest kids in the world. This is not an institution, but a family where everyone's need are met and every child is enabled to pursue their interests. If every school were like Booker, the world would be such a better place.'

- Parent FB Review

'We sent our daughter to The Booker School because we wanted her to have a learning experience that focused on critical thinking and exploring the natural world. We’ve been overwhelmed with the growth, confidence and creativity we’ve seen in our daughter. It’s much more than a school, it’s a community and it’s amazing to be part of it.'

- Parent FB Review

'Since starting at TBS, our son has grown in so many ways. He is engaged, inquisitive and tolerant of others in a way he wasn’t before. He is constantly asking questions and pushing the boundaries around how things are done or made. He has gained confidence in himself and his abilities. He is understanding how his actions and words affect those around him. The community within TBS has welcomed our family into their fold and we are so grateful for it!''

- Parent FB Review

Throughout their time at our school, students are encouraged to find the love of learning. During the year, each class goes through six units of transdisciplinary learning, exploring themes such as who we are, where we are in place and time and how the world works. Core subjects such as literacy and mathematics are interwoven within the units of inquiry for students to see the purpose and make practical use of the skills they are developing. Students are given choice and responsibility in balance with structure and support to help them become successful members of our society.


Action and Service Learning are key components of our educational model. As a school, we connect on a weekly basis with L'Arche Homefires in Wolfville, building relationships with their leaders and members. We promote sustainable choices and have policies in regards to food waste and sourcing at lunch breaks. We recently became part of the Green Schools Nova Scotia movement, a group that promotes sustainable education across the province. We also incorporate the Global Goals for Sustainable Development into our curriculum, making our learning significant, meaningful and relevant for every student.


The Booker School offers a community as well as an education. With our small class sizes, experienced and enthusiastic teachers, and a campus that encourages a family feel, The Booker School is able to offer an opportunity for students to realise their full potential and support others in achieving the same. As our school year progresses, we encourage you to read our stories, follow our social media, and find out more about who we are, what we do, and why it is important.

Google Reviews

- My son began his first year at Booker School this fall. He was struggling before in both his classes and at home with confidence and academically. For the few months he has been attending the school myself and family friends have noticed a huge difference in him. He is more outgoing and has more of an interest in learning and everything around him. I am so thankful for the opportunity and can not wait to see where he goes from here.

- "Release the spark; Honour the quirk; Cultivate the joy; Commit to the risk; Invite the doubt; Encourage the love; Inspire the quest; Find the beauty; Become the solution" ... These are words on the stairs at The Booker School and when I first read them I knew I had enrolled my son in the absolute best school for him. They are not just words on stairs, they actually come to life everyday on this school’s campus through skilled teachers who encourage, support, and celebrate inquiring minds. Their integrated, inquiry based curriculum makes learning tangible and tied to real world. It’s a place that truly transforms its learners ❤️ I see this everyday in my son and I am confident that long after he has graduated from Booker this transformation will continue, grow, and evolve ... Love this school & its faculty!

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