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JAMES WEEKES - Teaching Head of School & Grade 5-6 Homeroom Teacher.

I grew up in Plymouth, in the south west of England, and at a very early age developed a love for the environment and science. After studying at the University of Plymouth for a BSc in Science and the Media, I had the opportunity to move to Germany where I started working in my first IB school. 

After a decade of working in international schools, I came to The Booker School in 2017 to lead a team of enthusiastic and caring educators with a shared mission and vision. My dream is to further develop this school as a place where students can embrace the joy of learning, be recognised and respected as individuals, and become motivated to reach their highest potential.

James holds a B.Sc (Hons) in Science And The Media from the University of Plymouth, UK, a PGCE from Canterbury Christchurch University, UK, a Certificate of Education in Leadership from The College of Teachers, UK, and an MA in International Education from the University of Bath, UK. James is part of the IBEN (International Baccalaureate Educators Network), and is a qualified Workshop Leader, Site Visitor and Consultant. He also holds a Level 2 IB Educators Certificate.

TEMMA FRECKER - Pedagogical Leadership Team & Grade 7-9 Homeroom Teacher.

Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching winner 2018

Originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, I’ve come to call the Annapolis Valley home since 2010. While traveling around the world working on community development projects (Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Japan, and Northern Quebec), I realized that my true passion was teaching. My goal as a teacher is to foster caring and goodness in people so they can be true to themselves and their passions and be empowered to contribute in their own way to a better world.


“What the educator does in teaching is to make it possible for the students to become themselves.” - Paulo Freire, We Make the Road by Walking: Conversations on Education & Social Change


Temma holds a B.A. Honours in Double Advanced Major in International Development Studies and Spanish from the University of King’s College and Dalhousie, a B.Ed. from St. Thomas University, and French Immersion Program (Perfectionnement) from Université Ste-Anne (Valedictorian).

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JAMIE O'HANLON - Pedagogical Leadership Team & Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher.

I grew up in Dartmouth, and after graduating high school I obtained a B.A. in History at St. Francis Xavier University. After taking some time to travel and work abroad, I completed my B.Ed. at Crandall University. I then became an early years PYP educator at an IB continuum school in Ontario, and I loved every minute of it. I'm excited to continue this experience at The Booker School.


I believe that play is children's work, and there can be no more authentic inquiry experience than the natural exploration that play provides. As an early years edu​​cator, my mission is to provide authentic learning experiences that allow children to express themselves, explore their world, and consider their role in its future.

Jamie holds a B.A. in History from St. Francis Xavier University and a B.Ed. from Crandall University.

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FRANCES MACVICAR - Grade 3-4 Homeroom Teacher.

I grew up in Toronto, and before coming to The Booker School I taught in a remote school in northern Quebec. I have specialised in teaching in culturally diverse classrooms and I'm excited to continue this experience at The Booker School.


I am excited to help my students become critical thinks and active citizens. I hope to engage the students in collaborating with one another and the wider community with engagement in hands-on and personal projects that build off the students' interests. Everything I do is rooted in my belief that all children share an innate curiosity in the world around them.

Frances holds a B.ed from Queens University.

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AMY ATWELL - Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher


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LIZ POLLOCK - Early Years Homeroom Teacher


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DANI BEAUDOIN | French, Music & PE Specialist

Dani completed her final placement at the school in April-May 2021 and has since been kept on as mixed specialist for all grades.

Dani has a passion for outdoor recreation, culturally responsive pedagogy, and leadership within the classroom. Dani brings a variety of my facilitating skills to the table, such as art, dungeons and dragons, outdoor education, yoga, skiing and Indigenous knowledge.

Dani holds a Bachelor of Education




Colleen is an artist from Greenwich, and has been teaching art to students aged 4 and up for the past 8 years. 

She enjoys using a variety of mediums to keep things fresh and exciting for her students. Mediums include painting, sketching, printing, collage, clay sculpting, wet and needle felting, mixed media, and more. Colleen aims to introduce students to a wide range of art, beginning with a step-by-step approach and then allowing her students to branch off to explore endless artistic creations.

Coleen holds a Bachelor of Education