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At The Booker School, we believe in providing opportunities for students to challenge themselves, develop a love of learning, and acquire the skills to become successful members of society. We believe in developing an appreciation of the world around us and a desire for service and action in the local and global community. Our curriculum engages the resources around us, the businesses, the education systems and the natural world. Our learning extends beyond our school grounds for our students to build a sense of belonging in our wider community.  



The International Baccalaureate is designed for students to extend their learning abilities and reach their personal and academic potential. The Booker School intends to become the first accredited school with the Primary Years Programme (3-12) and potentially the Middle Years Programme (11-16) on the East Coast of Canada. The IB provides a structure for learning in the contemporary world and encourages a holistic approach to reach the emotional, social and academic needs of all students.



Developing a love of the outdoors and a stewardship for the environment is part of our focus at The Booker School. This goes beyond outdoor play and includes taking more traditional learning experiences outside the four walls of the classroom. We have a beautiful campus that our students enjoy year-round and we have a number of connections in the Annapolis Valley to help us facilitate meaningful outdoor experiences for our students. 

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Mindfulness is integrated into all areas of school life. It is embraced in how we treat each other, how we look after ourselves, and how we view the world around us. By becoming more aware of ourselves, and training ourselves to focus on one thing at a time, mindfulness helps us self-regulate and take control over our learning experience. Each day in school starts with a Movement-Stillness-Reflection routine, to root the students and help them prepare for the day ahead. The ideals behind Mindfulness are integrated into our Behaviour Policies and Classroom Essential Agreements. 

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With modern technology, you can hold more knowledge in the palm of your hand than you ever could within your brain. The world is moving at a fast pace and technology is changing faster than many of us can keep up with. Think about what technology was available when you left school, and your imagination can only wonder what will be available when our students enter the work force. This being said, at The Booker School we use technology with purpose and care. We strive to balance the time spent on technology with time learning core skills that are still considered important for well-being and academic success. This varies at the age levels within the school, but the team at Booker have a collaborative approach and have consciously worked together to create a transition as students get older. Our recess and lunch breaks are tech-free, to provide a social balance for students and use of technology is supervised and limited within class. Our aim for the students at Booker is for them to learn the skills with technology for it to be a tool, rather than a distraction.

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By developing relationships within our community, the students at The Booker School have opportunities to learn from some of the leaders in the area. We have visited the science labs and museums of Acadia University, the high-tech farming systems of Maritime Chicks and utilised the libraries and book shops of Port Williams and Wolfville. We have had guests come to us, Acadia students creating programmes, Horton students volunteering in the After School Program, and many more. By becoming a part of this community, our students gain from the connection between school and the real world.

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