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Career Opportunities

We have some amazing Employment opportunities coming up at The Booker School. We are looking for caring, qualified, and experienced educators to join our team in a number of roles. As we put together the staffing structure for the 2024-2025 Academic Year, we are looking for applicants to forward resumes and cover letters to:

Specialist Teachers

As our school community grows, we are splitting one of our current roles into two.

We are looking for applicants to the following roles:

1) French Teacher (Whole School)

2) Athletics Director & Outdoor Education Coordinator (Whole School)


Elementary Teachers

We are accepting applicants who have experience teaching from Grade 1 to Grade 5. Our elementary teaching applicants will preferably have a background in Inquiry-Based teaching and an interest in curriculum review and development.

Teaching at The Booker School

As a small school, The Booker School is looking for teachers who excel in their profession. We are looking for creative, compassionate and collaborate educators who align with the school's Guiding Statements.

We believe that teachers are the lead-learners in the classroom. We are a small community and building relationships with students, parents and fellow faculty members is crucial to a role in our school. 

We consistently review our Educational Program and applicants should be comfortable recording and communicating learning through online platforms. 

In our commitment to creating an inclusive environment that values equity, diversity and inclusion, we welcome a broad spectrum of qualified candidates. Applicants are welcome to self-identify on your cover letter or resume.

"Our family is so grateful for the faculty at The Booker School. The teachers know our child so well, and with this understanding, they do so much to nurture his continuous growth as both a learner and a community member. The teachers encourage a love of learning that extends well beyond the classroom, and our child looks forward to going to school every day." 

"The faculty at TBS has been phenomenal. Coming from a homeschool/unschooling background, we (child and parents) were unsure how the transition to a more formal, away-from-home school would work.  But the teachers at TBS have shown the utmost care and consideration for our kid and her particular learning needs. We have a deep appreciation for the pedagogical approaches of the teachers at Booker. Their ability to introduce a broad variety of types of learning for all students is remarkable. All students are required to participate in activities. They may not be naturally inclined to do, but in the end you see them all learning from it."

What are we looking for in a teacher? 
The video above is a few years old now, but still rings true for what our community wants from an educator at The Booker School.

Useful Documents


Our Guiding Statements

Do you align with our Guiding Statements? Can you commit to the overall development of the school as well as your teaching responsibilities? Check out our Guiding Statements before applying.


Our Recruitment Policy

As a small, not-for-profit charitable society, the majority of our revenue goes towards Staff Remuneration. A review based on next year's budget in currently underway. Check out our Recruitment Policy below.,


Our Master Calendar

Our Calendar is different to our local public schools here in Nova Scotia. Professional Development and team-building is important to us and is scheduled within the annual calendar. Check out this year's as an example below.

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