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The Booker School Community

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Community at The Booker School


The concept of 'community' at The Booker School is one that is important to us.


As a small school, with small class sizes, we are a family. The beautiful 5 acre campus the school resides on houses our learning in a home setting, with access to a kitchen, gardens and a new greenhouse. Our students interact with one another across the ages, with older peers often acting as role models and leaders for the younger ones. We have an experienced faculty of enthusiastic, caring teachers who are here to encourage a love of learning in our students. 

Our aim is to become a part of the wider community - both here in the Annapolis Valley - and beyond.


By interacting with local businesses, being involved in community events and connecting with others, our school aims to grow its community and embrace the area we live in. The digital technology available in the school allows students to connect with learners around the world through social media and educational formats.


If you would like to know more, come along to one of our events at the school. If you have a child that you feel aligns with The Booker School's ethos, come and join one of our camps or experience our stay-a-day.




Summer Camps at the
Booker School! 

Our engaging programming invites children (5-12 ages) to rediscover the natural world, immersing them in a week-long journey of exploration, inquiry, and discovery. Through hands-on activities and interactive experiences, campers will create a deeper connection with nature while having a blast!


As a school, our camps shall be educational, engaging and fun for all ages. We have two fantastic camp leaders who are excited to engage campers in arts and crafts, team-building games, and nature based activities. Each week will have a theme to explore, such as Water or Plants. These will be determined soon through our camp leaders' sessions.

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