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There are limited Financial Aid options available for 2022-23.
Contact to find out more.


Our Scholarships for 2022-23 are unavailable as they are currently all allocated. Currently, we have the ability to provide up to 50% off tuition in Financial Aid at certain entrance levels. 

Applications to be considered in order of receipt as there are limited financial aid spaces available.

The steps for applying for Financial Aid:

1. Arrange a Stay-a-day for your child to experience a day at The Booker School

2. Organise a Family Interview with the Head of School

3. Apply for Financial Aid through

4. Once AFS send the school their assessment, the Head of School may write a recommendation to the Board for approval

5. If approved, the school will send the offer to the family

6. The family confirm their spot and their Financial Aid with a deposit


Review dates for Financial Aid for the Academic Year 2021-22

First Review Date: February 1

  1. Apple Financial Assessment Complete (Steps 1-3). (February 1, 2021)
  2. School send offer. (February 28)

  3. Offer accepted with deposit. (March 31)


Second Review Date: April 15

  1. Apple Financial Assessment Complete (Steps 1-3). (April 15, 2021)

  2. School send offer. (April 30)

  3. Offer accepted with deposit. (May 31)

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The Booker School offers need-based and merit-based assistance in order to make our school as accessible as possible to as many families as possible.


We are pleased to announce that the Booker has recently received Anonymous and Named donations to help us provide additional opportunities for children.


Need-based scholarships are currently offered to families who demonstrate a gap between their available income and the cost of tuition. The size and number of individual grants is up to 50% of annual tuition, limited by the amount of fund monies available and the number of applicants.

Two new Anonymous scholarships have been specifically identified for African Nova Scotian or First Nations students who may not otherwise been able to attend the Booker. These are renewable yearly.


All need- based requests for financial assistance are processed by an independent firm, Apple Financial Services:, for assessment and recommendation to the School. There is a nominal fee associated with this service.

In evaluating requests for aid, the following criteria are considered:

~ The demonstrated financial need of the family.

~ The School’s regular admissions requirements, process and policies apply.

~ The financial assistance that is available from the school.

We are committed to equitable treatment for all applicants. This is possible only if full details of the parents' financial situation have been disclosed on the Apple Financial Services application.

To begin the application for financial assistance, please visit:


After completing the school’s regular application and admissions process and upon acceptance to the School, all requests for financial assistance must then be made through the use of Apple Financial Services.

No request for financial assistance is entertained by the school unless a school application is on file and the information is submitted to Apple Financial Services. All information is held in strict confidence.

A new financial aid application must be submitted each year and reflect any changes in financial circumstances. All awards are given on an annual basis and may not be automatically renewed.

The level of financial support may be adjusted if there is a change in the parents' financial status. For existing students, for an application to be considered there must be zero tuition or fees in arrears. All awards will be credited to a student's tuition upon enrolment for the following academic term.



The Booker School has the fundamental wish that financial constraints not be an obstacle for attendance. Each application can be considered to determine if alternate contributions may be used as a form of payment. We encourage families to contact the Booker School to inquire about the tuition support options that are available.

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