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Admissions & Applications



Student-Centred Education

Small Class Sizes

After School Child Care until 5.00pm free for fee-paying families

A Caring Community

Teaching Excellence 

Engaging, Meaningful Curriculum 

Inquiry Based Learning

Concept Driven Education

Outdoor Learning Experiences 

Real-life Contexts for Learning

Social, Emotional and Academic Wellbeing

A parent's perspective:

"Release the spark; Honour the quirk; Cultivate the joy; Commit to the risk; Invite the doubt; Encourage the love; Inspire the quest; Find the beauty; Become the solution" ... These are words on the stairs at The Booker School and when I first read them I knew I had enrolled my son in the absolute best school for him. They are not just words on stairs, they actually come to life everyday on this school’s campus through skilled teachers who encourage, support, and celebrate inquiring minds. Their integrated, inquiry based curriculum makes learning tangible and tied to real world. It’s a place that truly transforms its learners ❤️ I see this everyday in my son and I am confident that long after he has graduated from Booker this transformation will continue, grow, and evolve ... Love this school & its faculty!

Cohorts for 2022-23

The Early Years (Pre-Primary-Primary)

We take students turning four by September 1 or those showing school 'readiness' into our Early Years program in a part- or full-time capacity. See our Early Years page for more information. We still have multiple positions available for this cohort in the 2022-23 academic year.

Grade 1

We are accepting applications for the Grade 1 class in September under the leadership of Ms Jamie O'Hanlon, a member of the school's pedagogical leadership team. There are still two or three positions available for this cohort for the 2022-23 academic year.

Grade 2

We currently have a group of nine Grade 1 students moving up into the Grade 2 class for September. We have a maximum of three more positions available.

Grades 3

We currently have a small group of six Grade 2 students entering Grade 3 next year. We have up to six positions available for this age group.

Grades 4-5

We currently have 12 students in the Grade 4-5 class for next year.. There are no longer any spaces available for this year, but we will be creating waiting lists for families interested in September 2022. With enough students on a waiting list, we may be able to split this class into separate Grade 4 and Grade 5 cohorts.

Grades 6-7 & Grade 8

Our Middle School classes will be split into two cohorts, G6-7 and G8 under the leadership of our Governor General Award winning teacher Ms Temma Frecker, a new teacher, and our teaching Head of School James Weekes. There are only one or two spaces available in each cohort for the 2022-23 academic year.

Thank you for considering The Booker School as a place for your child. We have a rolling registration approach to admissions, and welcome applications throughout the school year. Fees are pro-rated for students that join later in the academic year 


To know if the Booker is the right choice for your child, we encourage you to meet with the Head and tour the school, observe the staff and ask any questions you may have about the program. We’re happy to speak with you about what you want for your child, as well as the financial considerations involved in attending an independent school like The Booker School.

Additionally, we encourage children to Stay-a-Day so that they can meet fellow students and get a sense of the school's culture and routines. Time is usually taken during a Stay-a-Day to have a teacher quietly assess the child so that we have a sense of where he or she is academically and socially. We can also arrange for a private assessment.


Although the International Baccalaureate program is sometimes considered ‘elite’, regular students who have the opportunity to begin their early education in an inquiry-based school like ours are finding that the Diploma is not a difficult goal to achieve.

Those students who obtain an IB Diploma in grades 11-12 generally receive advanced placement in Canadian universities, which is a substantial cost saving. Additionally, IB graduates are sought out and frequently receive substantial scholarships that they are better able to maintain throughout their university career than non-IB graduates.

The Booker School is soon to be in the Consideration Phase of the International Baccalaureate accreditation process and our program is well developed with experienced IB Leadership and Teachers.

“We have been fortunate at King’s-Edgehill to have had several Booker School students join our Junior High programme, having completed their early years of education. They have transitioned smoothly and excelled academically, socially, artistically and athletically. It is clear that they are well prepared and most importantly love learning, have compassion for others and see school as something that is to be enjoyed and shared with classmates.”

- Mr. Kevin Lakes, Junior School Teacher, King’s-Edgehill School



We know from research that the first years of a child’s development are the most critical. The brain develops faster here than at any other point in life.

However, learning how to learn is no different than learning how to play hockey or speak a second language or play a musical instrument – it must begin early in order to truly master skills.

We also know that the quality of that learning experience does impact profoundly on a child’s potential. The earlier a child is engaged the greater opportunity they have to fulfil their individual potential and take their place in the world.

An article by the Chronicle Herald on How The Booker School was founded

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today."

- Chinese Proverb


  • Tuition Fees | $12,750 per year

  • Educational Investment Bond for New Families | See table below

  • Registration Fee (used against tuition) | $1,500 

  • Donation | $250

  • Parents in Participation Program (40hrs or $1000) | $1000 to be exempt (this is per family and any family member can contribute to the hours by volunteering).

As a school for the community, we understand that for some families these fees may be hard to achieve. We are open to discussing other ways families can contribute in lieu of some of the fees, such as with skills and time that can be useful in a small community school.

These may include: Teaching expertise, Construction/Ground work and experience, Equipment contributions etc.

There is Part Time Enrolment available in the Early Years Wednesday-Friday full or half days 0815-1215/1515 calculated Pro-rata.



First Child - 100% at $12,750

Second Child ~ 90% at $11,500

Third Child  ~50% at $6,500


The Educational Investment Bond is common practice among independent schools, which secures the future and sustainability of the school as well as directly enriching the educational opportunities that our students receive. Families may be eligible for financing the amount of the bond through the Valley Credit Union in New Minas. Please contact us for more information regarding this option.


The new structure below for January 2019 and beyond recognises that families join us at different stages of the child’s schooling and reflects that with a pro-rata investment bond. Bonds are fully reimbursed, in order of receipt, when the child leaves the school and is replaced by the next incoming student. As a not-for-profit charitable society, we also have the opportunity of donating a smaller bond. Please reach out to the Head of School for more details.

Payments can be made instalments. 



We recognise that the best people to spread the word about our school are the families that are in it. When you enrol at The Booker School, we provide you with a number of "Ambassador Cards'. Should you recommend us to another family and they present that card upon enrolment, you will receive a 10% discount on one of your child's tuition fees for that academic year. Should further students enrol and present your family's Ambassador Card, you receive 10% accordingly.




The cost of our independent school education is currently $12,750 annually. 

Families with more than two children are eligible for further discounts. 

Fees for children registered in our pre-K program receive a tax receipt.

The Booker School has the fundamental wish that financial constraints not be an obstacle for attendance. Each application can be considered to determine if alternate contributions may be used as a form of payment.



A non-refundable registration fee of $1,500 (applied against tuition) is due upon acceptance (or July 1).



The Booker School requires a tax-deductible donation of $250 annually towards the creation of a scholarship fund to support a student who would not otherwise be able to attend.



The Parents in Participation Program is a contribution from the family over the school year. This is seen as 40 hours contribution and can range from helping in the garden to supporting with the lunch breaks. Any member of the family can contribute to these forty hours, cousins, aunties & uncles and even grandparents. To opt out of this scheme, a payment of $1000 CAD would be made for exemption.

"It takes a village to raise a child"

- African Proverb

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