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Welcoming Students Back On Campus & Kicking Off 2017/18

The summer holidays are usually a time when school communities are dispersed. Many families will spend quality time together by travelling away on vacation, leaving school offices quiet and classrooms empty. At The Booker School however, staff and volunteers have been busy re-arranging furniture, expanding learning spaces, developing the curriculum, and preparing for the upcoming academic year.

2017-18 kicked off on Tuesday September 5 as both new and returning students began to arrive at school, bringing the campus back to life. This year brings with it change, as 3 new teachers and a new Head of School join the current staffing team. The Booker School's educational programme is inspired by the International Baccalaureate, inquiry-driven and concept-based, and staff are excited to see what this year will bring.

Catherine, Grade 2-4 teacher commented, “As a teacher, I was really excited to go to school today, and by the end of the day even more so because the students reaffirmed that the feeling was mutual.”

For younger students, starting back at school can be exciting but daunting at first. Grade 1 student Shylah reflected on her first day by saying, "I was happy and a little bit sad about leaving my mummy and daddy, but now I am happy because I got to spend all day with my friends."

Jamie, Early Years teacher, said, “Today felt really comfortable, like I was at home. The students were at ease, and the space felt easy to work and learn in. We all gelled and everything came together naturally.”

For older students like Will, Grade 8, it was a time to think on what they want from their upcoming school year. "This year I would like to see our learning space focused, and yet relaxed, mature and thoughtful, appreciated, involved, and principled."

"Today was a humbling experience. Even after working in small school previously, never have I felt such a sense of a caring community, demonstrating empathy and understanding as human-beings across the age levels interacted and learnt from one another," another teacher reflected.

In an increasingly interdependent and volatile world, the need for international understanding is more evident than ever. The Booker School encourages its students to think deeply about real-world issues, looking for connections and problem solving, in order to develop the tools they will need once they finish their schooling.

Picking the right school can be a difficult process, and initial choices may not always be the ideal fit for the individual. The Booker School accepts applications all year round and encourages prospective families to first take part in its ‘Stay-A-Day’ program, in order to experience the school’s educational approach in action.

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