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Exploring Local Ecosystems in Upper Elementary

Ecosystems are in a state of flux.

Our final unit of the year for G4-5 sees them inquiring into ecosystems and how they work. We shall be exploring the interactions between organisms, the impact humans have on different ecosystems, and how to sustain healthy ecosystems.

We will be making weekly visits (cycling there once the weather gets better) to Miner's Marsh in Kentville to analyze the habitats there, record what we find and create a model of the incredible ecosystem we have on our doorstep.

We start a unit with provocations; finding field trips, experts, experiences and online resources to inspire inquiry and creative thinking. The release of Our Planet on Netflix has timed perfectly with the start of this unit. Our students went home after episode one with the instructions to explain, draw, or create a diagram of an ecosystem. The effort put into the project in the picture demonstrates how inspired our students are.

The learning at The Booker School is transdisciplinary. Within this unit, we shall teach and develop skills across subjects, including scientific observation and recording, mapping and scale in math, analyzing texts and creating written work, and building scale models using art skills.

Before the end of the year, we shall take the skills we have been developing at Miners Marsh and apply them on a camping trip to Blomidon. This experience will celebrate the bonds of friendship that have formed over this academic year as our school continues to grow, as well as build personal, social and academic skills.

If you are interested in joining our Grade 5-6 class for September 2019, let us know by emailing



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