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Inaugural Black Tie Fundraiser A Success

Neither the cold weather nor the rain hammering down were able to stop nearly 100 people from donning their finest dresses, suits and tuxedos, and attending The Booker School’s inaugural Black Tie evening on Friday November 2 2018.

Attendees included current and past families from the school, as well as supporters and distinguished guests from around the Annapolis Valley.

The event was hosted at the beautiful Lightfoot & Wolfville, where guests enjoyed a variety of delicious local wines and canapés distributed throughout the evening. The first hour was mostly spent connecting with new people, and re-connecting with those that hadn’t seen each other in some time. Once everyone had safely arrived and had had a chance to catch up, the evening really kicked off as the fabulous 5-piece Mark Riley Project began their 3 energetic sets.

In addition to the live music, the event’s Silent Auction fundraiser featured some excellent items up for grabs. From ideal Christmas gifts like large stuffed animals, to gift cards for places like the Quarterdeck Bar & Grill, there was something for everyone. As the night progressed, small bidding wars broke out amongst some guests who were eager to bring home a prize! All proceeds from the Silent Auction will be evenly split between the school’s scholarship fund, and its new community Makerspace initiative.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and the support of the guests, the event managed to raise a wonderful $13,000. This has enabled the school to be able to offer 2 more needs-based scholarships for local children to attend The Booker School. If you know of anyone that may be interested in a transformative education, please email

James Weekes, Head of School, shared a few words at the event. “Ten years ago, one family had a dream to build a school built on compassion and on the belief that every student should have the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Tonight, we celebrate The Booker School, its history, its current community and the bright future ahead of us. I arrived in Nova Scotia last August and was overwhelmed by the level of support shown by the community. I was greeted with open arms and hopeful hearts. The community represented here tonight is a strong one, passionate and optimistic for the futures of their young ones. Together, we are raising money to provide an opportunity otherwise unavailable, scholarships for students to join our program and become inspired for learning. I am consistently humbled by the generosity and the positive nature of those around me in the Valley.”

The school would like to extend its thanks to everyone that helped make the event such a success. A special thank you goes to Lightfoot & Wolfville, whose massive support and generosity, helped make the evening truly one to remember.


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