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Early Years at The Booker School

Our comprehensive Early Years Programme focuses on developing the whole child. Students are provided with social and academic opportunities that allow them to extend their skills in independence, self-regulation, and reflective thinking, with an overarching goal of developing a growth mindset. Our Programme of Inquiry allows for the rich transdisciplinary exploration of developmentally-appropriate concepts and ideas. At The Booker School, multi-age classes allow educators to facilitate the individualized learning of children.We still have spaces available in our Pre-Primary-Primary class and in our Grade 1 cohort for next September. We believe that by investing in early childhood education, we can support children in becoming life-long learners with a love of learning across the school curriculum.Children at The Booker School experience a full range of specialized lessons in the visual and performing arts, as well as engage an inquiry-based and concept driven curriculum. By understanding that children develop at different speeds and with our small class sizes, we can help each child to grow, whether they need support or extension beyond the regular curriculum for that age group.


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