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Building A Learning Community

A school should be a place that is more than just for the students. A school can bring families together with common goals and philosophies for their children. The Booker School, at its core, holds the mission to become accredited with the Primary Years Programme from the International Baccalaureate.

Kathmandu, Nepal - May 2016

In September 2017, I arrived as the new Teaching Head of School. As well as coming from established IB schools where I have helped pass IB Evaluations as the PYP Curriculum Coordinator, I am also part of a network of IB Educators. I travel to schools and locations around the world to train others in the practices of the Primary Years Programme.

The Workshop Leaders with the LUES PYP Coordinator (left) and the Principal (right)

Last week, I visited to Fredericksburg, sixty minutes away from Washington in the US state of Virginia. In this town, there is only one choice of school for the families (unless they wish to commute out of their district). The district of Fredericksburg has chosen to implement all three of the IB Programmes across its four campuses in the town (PYP, MYP & DP). Myself and a team of established IB Educators led roughly 90 participants in Making The PYP Happen, a 3-day workshop to introduce the elements of the program. The district has invested heavily as it believes that the PYP offers a greater program than any current alternatives, educating students through a transdisciplinary, inquiry-based & concept-driven framework.

Curriculum Night - February 2018

In the IB, developing a love of lifelong learning is part of the mission. Throughout the year, we will offer workshops for parents and guests from outside our immediate community to come and learn about our program. Over the last 12 months, and throughout The Booker School’s history, the staff have offered these sessions for parents and teachers with great success. Once you learn about modern educational philosophies and the reasons behind best practice, investing in your child’s education becomes even more of a priority.

As well as learning about the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme, The Booker School is looking to become a hub for adult education. We have beautiful rentable spaces that offer fantastic opportunities for lifelong learning. In September, our talented art teacher Ms Rachel Reeve will be offering art classes for teens and adults. If you are interested in these workshops, or require a space to rent for your own activity, please let us know at

The Booker School’s mission is to engage students in the ‘wonderful’ of learning and to nurture young people to realize their full potential. We’d like to extend this to the adults within our community - unlock your potential and try something new at one of our adult learning sessions.


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