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Thinking about School in September? Consider The Booker School

At this challenging time in global history, many families will be worried about how they are going to continue their child's education in September. Even with Nova Scotia's strong response to Covid-19 and the low numbers of new recorded cases we are seeing, the fear and reality of a second wave in the Fall is real. The Booker School has formed a Reopening Strategies Committee that includes health care professionals, educators and therapists. There are a number of reasons why we think families should consider joining our community to start school in September and they are based on the following:

The School Campus

On nearly 5 acres of land, The Booker School is in a beautiful Georgian-style building with big, bright classrooms and wonderful outdoor spaces for learning. With five classes planned for September, we intend to utilise our four entrances and five bathrooms to help students physically distance from one another. Our large windows allow fresh air to flow through the building, and the maples and oak trees allow for great sheltered learning spaces outside. Classes will be able to form bubbles while still maintaining the sense of community and connection that our students thrive on. Our community will come together with professional help to maintain a high standard of cleanliness to protect our students with health issues and our wider community.

Small Class Sizes

Each of our classes are currently less than ten students which allows us to individualise the learning for each child. We ensure that every child is challenged and supported to inspire a love of learning in all areas. In a time of returning to school from a pandemic, these class sizes limit exposure for our families to ensure we can keep healthy and strong. In other countries, schools are returning with some governments mandating maximum sizes of 15. As we don't know our provincial guidelines for September yet, we are planning for different scenarios that range from the whole class, to maximum groups sizes of 5.

Our Educational Program

Our Educational Program can be read in the TBS Booklet here: It is important to us that our students receive a well-rounded education that supports their development as a whole child. In September, we have a fantastic curriculum ready for each of our classes which has been written to inspire inquiry, develop skills, and build upon academic levels that meet international standards. Students learn about the world and themselves through meaningful experiences that include many field trips and guest speakers to enrich learning. In the past we have used the laboratories at Acadia University and other organisations to have hands-on learning experiences for our students. We believe that our use of technology during this challenging period will support our return to school in September. Our educators are a team of experienced, qualified and caring professionals that work together to produce an internationally comparable educational program.

Building a Community

At The Booker School, parents become a part of the school community in a great variety of ways. We have parents who support our gardens, our committees, and our learning experiences. We still have opportunities for families to apply for Financial Aid to join our community. We also know that in this time of uncertainty, investing in an independent school can be a big decision. We have some flexibility for families who have been hit financially by the pandemic, so please reach out to us if you want to discuss your options:

If you are considering your options for the fall and would like to know more about joining The Booker School, we can arrange a virtual tour or a physically distanced tour and a chance to ask more questions. Please don't hesitate to reach out at:

Written by Mr James Weekes - Teaching Head of School


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