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Celebrating Earth Week at The Booker School

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This week's Earth Week at The Booker School!

On April 22 we celebrated Earth Day. Earth day is the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide. More than 6 million Canadians joined 1 billion people in over 175 countries in staging events and projects to address local environmental issues.

The Booker School is part of Green Schools Nova Scotia, and we will be participating all year long in a number of ways to reduce our ecological footprint. This past Monday, the school welcomed Natalie McMaster, who is the School Engagement Officer at Green Schools Nova Scotia. With Natalie’s help, we are setting goals and strategies to help the environment.

Here are some activities that you can continue at home or support your child in doing so at school. It would be greatly appreciated!

Monday - LIghts out for the Earth!

Have your family go around the house and turn off lights that do not need to be on. Today (and everyday) we will try to use as little lights and electricity as possible.

Tuesday - Sweater Day

We will be turning the heat down by 2 degrees. We ask that students wear a sweater and dress appropriately.

Wednesday - Litterless Lunch

All students are encouraged to bring a litterless lunch today. This means no wrappers or plastics are thrown away from food packaging and waste.

Thursday - Get outside!

Every student is encouraged to get outside for at least 30 minutes after school today and enjoy the wonderful Earth we live on.

Friday - Wear Green & Power Down Friday

Encourage all students to wear some form of green today!

Additionally, at the end of the day, ensure your child has powered down their Chromebooks. This is a great opportunity to talk about phantom power with your child.

For more information on student and community initiatives, email


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