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Grade 1 2020-21

The central idea of the Grade One How We Organize Ourselves unit is: The foods we eat may go through systems and processes before reaching our homes. This unit extends until late November so that we are able to make connections to the harvest season and resources in our local community. After kicking off the unit with a visible thinking activity, students began thinking about the basics of putting food on the table. Over a three week period, they worked as a group to create ingredient lists and then prepare and enjoy three different dishes.


First on the menu was salad. Students made a list of salad ingredients and then harvested items from our school garden and supplemented these with donations from home. Each member of the class then created and enjoyed their own salad, with everyone being open minded and trying at least one ingredient that was new to them.


The following week, students made a list of core pizza ingredients as well as the ingredients that they each preferred, or were open to trying. With teacher assistance, they each came up with unique combinations and enjoyed a Friday morning pizza party.


Finally, after an apple picking trip to Gates U-pick, students took part in chopping apples and mixing ingredients to create a simple yet delicious slow cooker applesauce. The excitement built as the delicious aroma permeated the school throughout the day. Once the sauce was ready, they enjoyed trying it while listening to some cozy tunes and enjoying the fall foliage in the schoolyard through the window. It was a great send-off before our autumn break.


We're looking forward to seeing what else comes in this amazing Unit of Inquiry!

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