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Whole School Athletics Director/Phys Ed Teacher

Job Type

Full Time Position


1341 Belcher St, Port Williams, NS B0P 1T0, Canada

Job Description

Experience dependent

Outdoor Adventure Weeks

Twice a year, The Booker School engages in what is known as 'Adventure Weeks'. Towards the

end of September and in early June, each class from Grade 2 and up embark on overnight trips, including an overnight bike trip for the graduating class. The Athletics Director organises these adventures with the Homeroom Teachers.

School Sports & Local Competition

As a small school, we have limitations to the inter-school competitions we can host and

participate in. Our Athletics Director is responsible for organising teams, such as cross-country, to compete in multi-school events. Developing a strong culture of support and inner-competition in alignment with our Guiding Statements is crucial in this part of this program. Exploring options for expanding what we offer will be involved in the development of our program.

Ski Martock

During the winter term, (January to March) students from Grades 2-8 participate in the ski

program at Martock. Each Friday students and staff ski for a half day. Lessons are included for beginners to foster a love for skiing. This program ensures a love for winter sports by

introducing skiing to many members of our community. The Athletics Director takes the lead in booking and organising these days. This includes transport, permission forms, communication with families, and coordinating staff to ensure a positive experience.

Weekly Outdoor Adventure

The Grade 4-8 classes engage on weekly outdoor adventures on Friday afternoons. This includes the development of skills, safety, and stamina with biking, hiking, swimming, and walking. It is also an opportunity for students to try new things such as curling, snow shoeing, yoga, archery etc. This routine often incorporates participation with local organisations.

Expected Teaching Load (Subject to possible change through the scheduling process)

  • 2 classes per week for Pre-Primary & Primary (2 cohorts)

  • 3 classes per week for each of the classes from Grade 1 to Grade 4 (3 cohorts)

  • 4 classes per week for each of the classes from Grade 5 to Grade 8 (3 cohorts)

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