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The Booker School is offering an Early Enrolment, part time program for students who turn 4 before September 2021. In September 2021, students will be able to join The Booker School on a part-time basis throughout the year. Through this programme, students will be a part of the Early Years class under the leadership of our qualified and caring Early Years teacher Ms Liz. This programme will allow students a taster of school life, a chance to make some friends and an opportunity to learn in a kind and nurturing school environment. Families can then opt to move their child into a full-time role in Term 2 (January 2022) or Term 3 (April 2022). Potential students will have to complete an assessment with Ms Liz to confirm readiness and again when they progress to full time tuition. Any interested families can contact to arrange an interview with the Head of School.


The following model outlines the fees for three days a week, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. With the half-day model, students can be picked up during the Lunch Break (12-1) and in the full day model students will finish regular programming at 3.15pm and if they are ready may be eligible for the After School Program until 5pm.

We have a significantly reduced Educational Bond for this program of $500.

The Programming

In our Early Years class, students will engage in an inquiry and play based curriculum that inspires a love of learning. They will have an introduction to French as an additional language. The students spend a lot of time outside with guided activities as well as free play to explore social and personal skills.

In the Early Enrolment model, our part-time students will engage with specialist teachers that we hire to deliver subjects such as Visual Arts and Dance. 

Students will also have 'Buddies' times with older students that come to lead activities or read with the children. Our small school brings great benefits that includes multi-age opportunities.

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