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September 2023

Deadline for Applications - March 24 2023

September 2023 Positions

Our enrolments for September 2023 are currently coming in fast. We may need more experienced, qualified and caring educators for our growing community. If you are interested in one of the above roles, click on the button and send us an email with your CV/Resume and a Cover Letter. More information will be shared soon regarding job descriptions and deadlines.

Email with your resume and cover letter

Our Students' Perspective

While our school has grown in size over the last few years, what our students want from their teachers remains the same. Please watch the following video from our 2020-21 recruitment year to find out more.

A Colleague's Perspective

When an educator joins The Booker School, they are joining a team of skilled and passionate educators who are looking to make a positive change in the lives of their students and the community. Candidates must be open to the transdisciplinary model of teaching and willing to make connections across the educational program. Our team is looking for colleagues who are positive problem solvers who take a solution based approach to challenges. Teachers at The Booker School are invited to be creative in the way they bring the curriculum alive in their classrooms. As a small school, being flexible and open-minded are essential traits. We are here to help each other and any candidates applying to the school must be willing to learn from others and support one another. We have a diverse group of students and teachers at the school so representation in our faculty is encouraged.


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