August Camp 2020

Creative Critters | March 2020


March 9-13 - Week One

Humans are a part of natural cycles

March 16-20 - Week Two

Humans can influence the health of ecosystems

Our Creative Critters Camps embody the learning philosophies of The Booker School. Through transdisciplinary activities, children will develop their understanding through the sciences, the arts, language and more.

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Creative Critters | August 2019


August 19-33 - Week One

Water supports life on our planet

August 26-30 - Week Two

Plants provide nutrients for all animals

The Creative Critters are back in action with two fabulous camps planned for August 2019. These two camps will be based around the themes of Water & Plants.

The camps will include art activities with talented local artists, science experiments in the kitchen and beyond, play activities inside and outside, and they end with presentations on the students' learning.​

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