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The After School Program is currently not available for the 2018-19 academic year.

The Booker School is a co-ed, non-profit, non-denominational school committed to becoming a Community Learning Centre. We hope to share our facility, staff and resources to enhance the lives of those in our community.  Our After-School Program is an integral part of that mission.



Booker School classes end at 3:15. The After-School Program begins daily for guest students at 2:30. Visiting students who attend Port Williams Elementary School will be met at PWES by a Booker School staff member and will arrive at the Booker shortly after 2:30 pm. The cost per day per student is $15. We are also able to accommodate after-school care for students on PWES Early Dismissal Days for an additional $10/day which will begin at 11.30am.

The Booker School's ASP provides a balance for students who have had a structured setting all day. We offer a mixture of optional activities depending on the day and weather, and which teachers/volunteers are with the students. We promote outside play but will also offer regular activities in Creative Arts.


The ASP ends at 5:00-5:15. When you arrive we request that you sign your child out and directly leave the school premises. For safety, we ask that you refrain from visiting with the staff as they are responsible for supervising the students and should not be distracted.


Students are required to have appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear as they may well be outside daily – rain, shine or snow.  In winter, if you have a sled or toboggan, please bring it for outdoor play. Please also bring comfortable indoor footwear..


Please ensure your child has some healthy nut-free snacks and a water bottle. Nutritious snacks will be provided daily.



In the event that your child will not attend the Booker School any given day, please contact the office at 902-585-5000 or 



As there is a limited enrolment in our program, please submit a fully completed registration form and Release and Consent form as soon as possible. Post-dated cheques will be required upon acceptance into the program. Refunds are not available for absenteeism.


It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange for their child to be received by the school as well as to sign their child out at the end of the day.


The Booker School reserves the right to cancel programs if circumstances warrant. We will endeavour to provide advance notice.


Our expectations are framed around the IB Learner Profiles and Attitudes, which are listed in our Handbook (download at Additionally, we have implemented weekly Classroom Meetings, which give our students the skills they need to resolve issues for themselves. The Learner Profile and Classroom Meetings form the basis of our school behaviour policy.


Our management approach is based around the idea of proactive discipline: students control their own behaviour; it is the role of the school to manage it. We expect students to behave appropriately and we teach and model the behaviour that we expect.


Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Students and parents will receive two warnings after which the Head has sole discretion to expel a student from the After-School Program. For an outline of the Booker School behaviour policy please contact the Head of School.


Bullying of any kind is taken very seriously at the Booker School and will be dealt with promptly and appropriately. As bullying often takes place in secret it is important that students report any bullying that they see or experience to a teacher. Parents should also report any bullying to a member of staff immediately. 

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