Why Invest?

Independent & Non-Profit vs. Public?

"It is an unfortunate, accepted truth that we have fallen behind in educating our children in Nova Scotia. And they, in turn, have fallen behind their peers, nationally and internationally."

Honourable Karen Casey, Minister of Education Education Action Plan 2015
Department of Education, Nova Scotia

What is the value of seeing your child become all they can be?


Investing now for the Future

Although the International Baccalaureate program is sometimes considered ‘elite’, regular students who have the opportunity to begin their early education in an inquiry-based school like the Booker are finding that the Diploma is not a difficult goal to achieve.

Those students who obtain an IB Diploma in grades 11-12 generally receive advanced placement in Canadian universities, which is a substantial cost saving. Additionally, IB graduates are sought out and frequently receive substantial scholarships that they are better able to maintain throughout their university career than non-IB graduates.

The Booker School is currently in the Consideration Phase of the International Baccalaureate accreditation process and our program is well developed. Upon graduation, our alumni students are well-rounded leaders.

Why Wait?

We know from research that the first years of a child’s development are the most critical. The brain develops faster here than at any other point in life.

However, learning how to learn is no different than learning how to play hockey or speak a second language or play a musical instrument – it must begin early in order to truly master skills.

We also know that the quality of that learning experience does impact profoundly on a child’s potential. The earlier a child is engaged the greater opportunity they have to fulfill their individual potential and take their place in the world.

An article by the Chronicle Herald on How The Booker School was founded.

“ “We have been fortunate at King’s-Edgehill to have had several Booker School students join our Junior High programme, having completed their early years of education. They have transitioned smoothly and excelled academically, socially, artistically and athletically. It is clear that they are well prepared and most importantly love learning, have compassion for others and see school as something that is to be enjoyed and shared with classmates.”"

Mr. Kevin Lakes, Junior School Teacher, King’s-Edgehill School

Tuition Costs

The cost of our independent school education is currently $10,000 annually. This breaks down to $40 or $50 per day, depending on the selected method of payment.

Families with more than two children are eligible for further discounts. Currently, second siblings receive a 10% discount off of regular tuition and if a third child is also attending, they receive a 50% discount while all children are registered at the Booker.

Fees for children registered in our pre-K program receive a tax receipt for the full amount.

The Booker School has the fundamental wish that financial constraints not be an obstacle for attendance. Each application can be considered to determine if alternate contributions may be used as a form of payment.

After School Program Tax Rebates

The After School Program is included in tuition. It operates for all Booker students between 3:15-5:15pm daily, is valued at 25% of total fees, with a corresponding tax receipt issued.


A bond of $3,000 is required per family and will be refunded in full when the last child leaves the school.

Annual Scholarship Fund

The Booker School requires a tax-deductible donation of $250 annually towards the creation of a scholarship fund to support a student who would not otherwise be able to attend.

Note: This scholarship will be available in September 2016 by application.

Family Volunteer Program 2016- 2017

Watch for information about this new program to be implemented in the next academic year.

Public After School Program

The Booker School is committed to becoming a Community Learning Centre by sharing our facility, staff and resources to enhance the lives of those in our community. Our Community After School Program and camps are an integral part of that mission.

Our public program runs between 2:30 – 5:15 pm Monday to Friday for school age students. We’re able to offer active outdoor play and a quiet room for homework or reading. Other club activities such as art, chess, computer programming, cross country running, music, French or Spanish, nature and gardening are offered on a rotational basis and are frequently led by specialist teachers. The cost is $15 per day payable in advance monthly by cheque.

Registrations are accepted throughout the year although placements may be limited. Because of our programming, we regret we’re not able to accommodate drop-ins or refunds.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 902-585-5000.


A non-refundable registration fee of $1,500 (applied against tuition) is due upon acceptance (or July 1).


The Booker School is a registered not-for-profit society established in 2011 and has obtained full CRA Charitable Status.

Booker Parent’s perspective:

"Before I explored the Booker School through a 3-day “IB” camp I was certain I couldn’t afford to send my children to an independent school. As those three days progressed I quickly realized I couldn’t afford not to send them. They were so excited! Was this really what school could be like?

Turns out it is. We are making small sacrifices and finding ways to save $50 a day because it's worth every effort and every penny for our child’s foundation.

The classes are small enough that teachers have the ability to see the multiple facets of a child’s whole potential. We had absolutely no idea our son was a talented math or art student. He was funny and popular and had lots of friends. His favourite subject had been recess and sports. Scholastically, he was a little behind in reading with fairly mediocre expectations for him in a larger system.

Now, while he maintains his love of activity, he is also curious beyond belief all the time, he is a confident math student working above grade level and on the last day of summer he can’t wait to go to sleep. His dreams are being fueled and he’s being prepared to make them come true. He loves school.

This is how all children should feel, how they should be spending that precious 8 hours a day, five days a week. Inquiry-based learning inspires critical thinking and energizes, keeps and fans the spark he and all children begin with. My son is fully productive and engaged, growing confident, and learning in a context that is preparing him to be a citizen in the 21st century.

We are convinced that if any period of time is more critical for an investment in education it is the primary years when habits, attitudes and outlooks are formed that will serve our children forever.”

Christina Johnston

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today."

Chinese proverb,
Booker School

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