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“To remain relevant, public education needs to shift its focus from what students know to what students can do with what they know. A few charter and alternative schools illustrate what new models of learning might look like."

Nova Scotia School Board Association, 2014


Director’s Message

Johanna Mercer- DirectorThe Booker is an exciting place to be. Every day. We’re introducing the early years International Baccalaureate program to the Maritimes because it inspires young people around the world to think big, dig deep and make a difference. Compassion and confidence, enthusiasm and reflection are what we see in our students. These are our true colours.

Our curriculum is inclusive, outward looking and organized around big ideas. The work is interdisciplinary and our approach to learning requires engagement and connection. We utilize each child’s natural curiosity and encourage risk-taking and, to keep it real, we frequently go beyond the classroom into the community.

Our teachers are young, gifted and highly qualified. They are also internationally minded. They’ve taught across Canada and in London, Bonn, Istanbul, Guyana, Japan and Brazil and yet each has a deep connection to this place, it’s beauty and values. They could be anywhere but they have chosen to be here.

And our teachers care deeply about the personal development of each child and see each as a whole and capable individual from the start. At the Booker, children are safe to take risks. They learn how to think – not what to think, how to be – not what to be. We coach them to use their own minds, hearts and hands - because they’ll need them to take their place in this rapidly changing world.

What we did last year was great, but we’re all excited about what we’ll do next. And we do a lot. Unit by unit, we build on each experience, repeating our learning cycle, expanding our knowledge, developing our critical thinking and then, importantly, taking action to demonstrate our understanding. Like their school, our students aspire to become very good citizens.

Those of us who founded the Booker share a sense of urgency because each day is precious. We owe it to our children and to their future to question our assumptions, model change and try harder.

Johanna Mercer, Founding Director

What is IB? Visit www.ibo.org for more information.

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